How to get a rounder bigger bum

How To Get A Rounder Bigger Bum? – 7 Tips To Make Your Bum Bigger & Rounder

Tips To Make Your Bum Bigger & Rounder

These days, every other woman longs for an hourglass body shape, where a small waist tapers into a nice, big, rounded bum. Female celebrities like Beyonce, Demi Lovato, and Kim Kardashian have spread this trend of bigger and rounder backsides. If you want to know how to get a rounder bigger bum that leaves everyone staring whenever you are exiting a place, then you should consider trying the following.

1. The back of your hip consists of the bulky gluteus muscles that form your bum. These gluteus muscles are connected to your hamstrings, which are three large muscles running down your leg at the back. These muscles work together to enable your legs to lift your weight and move you around. The stronger your gluteus muscles are, the higher they will sit on your back side. So, when going up stairs, make sure you go up two steps at a time and when walking, take larger steps.

2. If you want to tone up your butt muscles, then squats is among the best exercises since it will work the upper portion of your gluteus muscle. Keep your back straight when performing squats and make sure your lower body, from your hips to your knees, remains in a horizontal position. For support, you may use one hand to hold onto a chair or counter. Make sure you do not lean forward and tighten your abs and glutes.

3. Do lunges by alternating your legs, making sure that one of your feet lands in front and keep your body balanced when lowering yourself. Make sure your knee remains bent directly overly your ankle and you can prevent your back from getting over arched by tightening your abs.

4. If you have noticed that female martial artist have shapely big, round bums, you have noticed correctly. If you have been wondering how to get a rounder bigger bum, you can also start taking martial arts classes. In a martial arts class, you will spend hours kicking in different directions as a result of which all your muscles will be strengthened and your backside, in particular, will become round and shapely.

5. Go out for a ride by hopping onto your bicycle. The change of scenery will actually distract you from the fact that your gluteus and hamstring muscles will get a workout. If you happen to have a stationary bike at home, it will offer the same benefits and you can distract yourself by listening to music, reading a magazine or watching TV.

6. Increase your intake of protein and reduce your intake of saturated fats, starchy carbohydrates and sweets. All your muscles, including your glutes, need protein in order to become stronger.

7. To some extent, a really intense lymphatic massage may also contribute to reshaping your bum. You may also get rid of cellulite and water retention by using an algae wrap. Ultimately your butt will look awesome.

If you have been trying to figure out how to get a rounder bigger bum, keep in mind that your behind will not become big and round overnight. However, if you try the above, then surely over time your butt will bulk up and get shaped up, until one day you notice how your backside resembles that of Beyonce or Kim Kardashian.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Routine

Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Routine

Ways to Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Routine

The Brazilian Butt Lift workout routine is a fun and effective high-energy exercise program designed to tone, firm and lift your buttocks using time-tested techniques and a mix of both cardio and toning workouts.  It focuses most heavily on sculpting the lower body, working all three major muscles of the buttocks (the gluteus medius, gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus), as well as the muscles of the thighs, hamstrings, quads calves and oblique to give you that fuller, firmer, perkier booty and toned lower body you’ve always wanted but thought was too hard to attain. But it doesn’t stop there! The Brazilian butt lift workout routine may focus on the lower parts of your body, but since it is such an intense calorie burner and can be augmented to increase the individual level(s) of exertion, it also becomes an incredible full-body workout guaranteed to please the most exacting of personal fitness fanatics.

With such a high potential caloric burn when done correctly, the Brazilian butt lift workout routine will undoubtedly help to tone, shape and tighten your entire body! The different exercises in this program will engage all of the major and minor muscles from the trapezius muscles in your shoulders to your gastrocnemius in your calves and help to give you that sleek, sexy bikini-ready body that is coveted by women and admired by men world-wide. Whatever shape your body is in or whatever your fitness level, doing the Brazilian butt lift exercise Schedule regularly will not only make you look better, but it will also help you feel better as you shape, lift, and tone your body and increase confidence not only in your appearance but in your over-all health as well.

There are multiple levels of difficultly depending on whether or not particular exercise routines are desired, as well as a good measure of customizability (via the addition of either weights and/or other optional equipment) for the Brazilian butt lift workout routine, but each progressive level is designed to improve the look and feel of your body. Anyone can use this exercise routine and find success, from the girl next door to a high-end lingerie model to an A-list celebrity – whatever your personal fitness level at the start of using the Brazilian butt lift trainning routine, as long as you are willing to put effort into this energetic, enjoyable exercise program, you will get the tighter, shapelier, firmer booty and sexy, bikini-ready body that you’ve always dreamt of!

Ways to Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Routine

Today I share with you a new workout that’ll start to see how it works. This is the Brazilian Butt Workout. It is an exercise plan that will help you have perfect buttocks (or as the name says a spectacular Brazilian butt). Then explain what this training plan and how it will perform. The Brazilian Butt Lift Workout routine has 6 exercises that work the glutes, these are:

To do this Kneeling 20 Glute lift with Pulses exercises follow the following steps:

1. Knees and hands on the floor, placing 4 legs.
2. We lift one leg off the floor and flexed 90 degrees; the other is left on the floor. (This is the starting position).
3. We raise our leg up several inches, contracting the buttocks.
4. Descend with controlled to move the starting position.
5. Complete a series of 20 lifts and keep the starting position for several seconds. Without lowering the leg
6. Make another series of 20 short elevations.
7. Repeat same steps with the other leg.

The 20 Single Leg Bridges next exercise is done as follows:

1. We lay face up, flex the left leg and place the left foot on the ground.
2. Raise your right leg and extend it at 45 degrees to the ground. Knees separate them roughly a foot.
We broke ass.
3. Lower soil.
4. I strain toward the ground in a controlled manner, but without touching it.
5. Make series of 20 repetitions and then switch legs.

20 Resistance Band Crab Walk for this exercise you need a resistance band, I use it sold in Decathlon:

1. Stand with two split the endurance limit of the band feet.
2. With legs half bent and straight, give 20 little steps to the side, against the resistance of the band.
3. Then do the same giving 20 little steps to the other side

20 Squats with Kickback

The squats Squats are lifelong. But this time, do squats as follows. Every time we get up, having to squat down, estiramemos one leg back (like giving a kick). The straight leg will lift a few feet back. We will do 20 squats this way.

To do this 20 Standing Side Kicks exercise, follow these steps:

1. Standing put your hands on your hips.
2. If you want, lean on something with one hand on the back of a chair for example.
3. Leg 90 degrees kicks
4. Slowly parallel to the ground (like a karate kick)
5. Do 20 repetitions on each leg.

This is perhaps the hardest 20 Explosive Lunges exercise of the entire table.

1. Stand up, feet apart at shoulder height, and hands on hips.
2. Take a long step forward with your right leg.
3. Bend the front knee 90 degrees down a little.
4. Low a little more, gathers momentum, jump and switch legs in the air, landing in the same position as in step 3 but with the leg changed.
5. Perform 20 jumps alternating legs.

Good training here, If you repeat this workout twice a week the results are guaranteed. And if you combine it with a little cardio (like going for a run a couple of days a week) and I tell you now. If you want to have a perfect ass you know to work!

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How to transfer fat to buttocks naturally

How to transfer fat to buttocks naturally

how to transfer fat to buttocks naturally

Having a shapely buttock can make a great difference to the overall shape of the body. The main problem which most of the people experience is the fact that is difficult to shape the buttocks without causing injury. Fortunately, there is the best way of doing the procedure. Transferring fat to buttocks naturally which is also referred to as natural fill is an exciting and sophisticated new technique which can allow you to lift the shape as well as augmenting the buttocks. In addition to that, it creates a filler and smoother feminine curves. With natural fill, you can get long lasting results without any medical risks.

How do buttock natural fat transfer work

The natural fat transfer process normally works by addition and subtraction principle. In fact, it removes fat from one area and adds to another. The natural fill uses the power of the water jet which is assisted by liposuction in removal of unwanted fat from the targeted areas of the body for example thighs, abdomen or hips. Because the natural fill process is gentle, the fat removal is kept ready for fast transfer. The next step is to inject the fat carefully into the strategic areas of your buttocks so as to create a natural look, beautiful and well rounded shape. As a result, it will give you a twofold in your buttocks as well as slimming in the donor areas.

The difference between natural fill and artificial implants

Unlike implants, natural fill is more flexible to shape and contour which can suit the way you want. This would give you a more personalized and natural looking results. Artificial implants can also introduce foreign materials in the body since it lowers the risk of infection.

Results expected from the natural fill

The individual results depend on various factors. Some of them include: the amount of fats which is available in the donor sites and the increased volume which is required. The natural fill doctor will discuss with you the expectations on the individual circumstances before undergoing through the procedure.

The time taken to return to the normal activities

As highlighted above, the process doesn’t involve stitches or incisions. Therefore, there is no need for general anesthesia because you will be able to return home with after the process is complete.

Advantages of natural fill

You might have wanted more defined buttocks but you don’t want to have a painful surgery. As mentioned above, the natural fill can assist you to get the body which you want. The following are some of the advantages of the natural fat transfer:

· It is a minimal invasive procedure which is performed under local anesthetic

· It is less painful and there is minimal risks of scaring

· You cannot stay for long before going to work

Conclusion how to transfer fat to buttocks naturally

Transferring fact to the buttocks naturally is the best method which has minimal disadvantages. Some of the limitations include: Bruising and swelling in the affected areas. However, it is the best way to wait for one or two weeks before doing a rigorous physical activity. In general, this is the most effective methods of transferring the fat. Therefore, you can use the method by first consulting the doctor.

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Does Maca Root Increase Buttock Size

Does maca root increase buttock size?

Does Maca Root Increase Buttock Size

Let’s fact it. Everyone would love to have a big butt to flaunt while in tight fitting dresses or pants. However, this has remained a mere wish for scores of women who don’t have big hips. But the fact that you aren’t naturally blessed with a huge butt shouldn’t make you feel less of woman, thanks to the fact that there is a maca root increase size of your butt naturally and effectively, it can also improve your overall health as well. And the product is Maca Root.

But does Maca Root increase but size? This is obviously the question that is lingering on your mind probably because you already know that there are tons of herbal products on the market nowadays. In addition, many women have tried several herbal solutions in order to increase the size of their buttock, but none of them seem to work well for them.

As such, you may be wondering why you should use Maca root or choose products made from this plant over other products that promises similar results, or even better. In as much as there is no answer as to whether Maca Root increases buttock size or not, there are a number of things that can help answer this question.

The science behind Maca root

Maca root is a plant that belongs to the Radish family and it is prevalent in plateaus of Peru and the Andes Mountains. The plant has from since time immemorial been used for purposes of treating a myriad of diseases and for purposes of cooking as well.

As you may be aware, proper nutrition plays a vital role when it comes to growing the butt. And this is where the need to use Maca root comes in handy owing to the fact that it is a plentiful source of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. The three combined can add plumpness devoid of dispersing fat to the stomach region.

Not only does Maca root enhance rightful fat direction, but it also helps in stimulating the pituitary gland as well. This gland triggers the production of hormones that are known to enhance both the breast and butt size.

In this, regard, your body’s progesterone, testosterone and estrogen levels will shoot up almost instantly after taking Maca root. As a result, you will get those shapely feminine curves you have always craved for.

Other benefits of Maca root

Maca root is linked with a couple of health benefits besides increasing the size of the butt. Below are a number of them.

· Boosting sex drive, particularly for men

· Enhancing immunity

· Treating depression

· Treating hormonal imbalances and fluctuations

Are there possible side effects associated with Maca root?

Maca root is a natural plant and hence it is safe to consume in either medicine or food. Even if researchers are yet to unearth scientific evidence showing possible side effects of using Maca root, studies have however shown that it is not suitable for use by breastfeeding and pregnant women. Maca root is normally used in forms of liquid extracts, pills, and powders.


It is solely your decision to use Maca root in order to grow your butt. However, you need to use it in the right dosage as prescribed by an expert.

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How to Do Squats to make Your Booty Bigger

How to Do Squats to make Your Booty Bigger

do squats to make your booty bigger

Do you want to attain a slimmer figure with a bigger booty? Then, it is best that you learn how to do proper squats to make your buttock bigger. Enhancing your booty is definitely a great change that you should consider doing with your body. There are people who are trying to get a better figure yet are not satisfied with the results as they are not able to get their dream figure.

The muscle that is responsible for having those sexy buttocks is the gluteus maximus. Butt muscles or scientifically known as the glutes are the ones that should be enhanced to make sure that you can get a bigger butt and a better figure. If you are looking for effective squats to make your booty bigger, then the following are some exercises that you should try:

  • Stand tall while your feet are slightly wider than the width of your hips.
  • Start flexing your glutes. Do this by pulling the abdominal muscles in towards your spine whle sliding the shoulder blades down your back.
  • Slowly bend your knees and have your hips hinged back while lowering your butt towards the floor. Doing this, allow your torso lean a bit forward.
  • Stop lowering as you notice that your thighs are already parallel to the floor.
  • When doing this exercise, make sure that you are keeping your back straight and your knees are a bit behind the location of your toes.

After you have attained the parallel position, hold its contraction for about 1 count and straighten your legs as you are slowly pushing your feet until you can stand upright

This is the proper set of squats to make your booty bigger that you can easily try even at home. It does not require any machine or equipment to maximize its effect. You only have to add some resistance when squatting to fatigue the glutes more quickly. If you already have equipment in your home like dumb bells, cable pulleys and others, you can make use of these items to add up the effects.

There are still other exercises that you can do that you can add with the usual squats to make your booty bigger. You can choose to add butt bridges or even kick backs. For butt bridges, you just have to lie flat on your back while your knees are bent and your arms are on your sides. Slowly lift your butt to the ceiling and then lower it. Do this exercise for about 10 repetitions in 3 sets. Another exercise is the kick backs. You just have to stand on your 1 leg and kick back your free leg off the floor. This will squeeze your butt to a bubble that can help in enhancing it.

As you focus on doing squats to make your booty bigger, you can always add resistance to your exercise to maximize the results and even hasten the period of getting the effects that you want. All you have to do is to do it regularly and you will notice results coming your way.

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What Exercises Can I Do to Lift my Buttocks

What Exercises Can I Do to Lift my Buttocks?

Lift exercise buttock is way to make sexy shapeExercises are one of the many ways to make the body more beautiful and perfectly in shape. Because they are being perfectly in shape, it adds to a person’s confidence and even gives him a positive outlook in life.

A person who wants to attain a certain figure includes having nice and sexy buttocks. Lift exercise buttock is way to make that. Who doesn’t anyway right? Having sexy buttocks adds on to a person’s assets. You may admit it or not, but one the physical features you check out on someone especially when at the beach is him or her butt. It is toned or not? Does it turn you on or off?

But, how can you really lift your buttocks? Are there certain exercises that are effective to make your buttocks lift perfectly? Can you do it by yourself at home without going to a gym or hiring a personal fitness instructor? The two consecutive questions are definitely answerable by a yes. There are absolutely exercises that you can do completely all by yourself at home to lift your buttocks and achieve its perfect shape in every angle. You want to know what these are?  Read on to know what these lift buttock exercises are.

There are only five easy exercises to lift and have firm buttocks. You only need three days a week to do each set of exercises back to back. Equipment exercise that you will need are dumbbells which weight is of something that can challenge you for ten reps, a Swiss ball, a step, a resistance band or tube and a kettle bell which is optional. After you do the exercises, take a rest for about two minutes and again do the full routine two more times, having three times totaled.

1.    Do the deadlift. Get your dumbbells, grip it firmly and clutch them at your arm’s length out front your thighs. Then stand with feet a hip-width apart and with knees bent slightly. With that position, bend your hips then lower your body ‘til it levels to the floor while keeping the weights close to your body as much as possible. Stop, and then stand again. Keep your back arched throughout the complete movement. Do this for 10 reps.

2.    Do the step-up. Grip your dumbbells and then put your foot (right) on the step. Without moving the foot, drive with the ball of your large toe up until standing. Lower down slowly until the back foot holds the ground. During that entire time, your front foot should only stay on the step. Do this at 10 reps, assuring you keep your chest up and your core engaged.

3.    Do the single-leg jump. Move towards onto your leg (right), then bend your knee, shift your hips back and jump high as possible off from the ground, possibly at the top of a step. Land smoothly with your knee bent. Focus pushing your hips back at your behind and just make sure the knee doesn’t track that far over your toes. Do this on ten reps on each side.

4.    Do the single leg hamstring curl. First, you have to lie at the floor with Swiss ball underneath your feet. Bridge yourself up on the ball. Do this by bringing your hips up from the ground and also by pressing your feet onto the ball. Then flex your right knee to your chest as your left foot stays firmly placed on your ball.  To keep your hip lifted, pull the ball into your butt through flexing your left knee. Keep your hands planted on the floor for balance. Smoothly lengthen the left leg as your left knee is kept bent into your chest. Do this on both sides, with 10 reps each.

5.    Do the kettlebell swing. Clutch your kettlebell or dumbbells with your hands and then stand with feet a hip width apart separately and knees bent slightly. Bend your hip and lower your torso ‘til forming a forty-five degree angle on the ground with your lower back arched naturally. Swing the dumbbells or kettlebell in between your legs. With arms straight, thrust the hips out front, straighten the knees and swing the kettlebell up to your chest or belly button level. Continue the swinging until 15 reps.

There are indeed men and women who are obsessed to make their figure beautiful and in perfect shape. They tend to do a lot of things just to achieve their best and desired figure. There’s nothing wrong with these anyway. As long as you’re happy and focus to your goal. But bear in mind that achieving a certain goal is never easy. It takes a lot of discipline and courage before you reach a goal. But, when a goal is achieved, the feeling is worth it. No money or words can suffice the feeling of fulfillment when you reach your goal.

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How to get a bigger hips?

Some easy ways to make your hips look bigger

advice how to get a bigger hipsIf you think your hips are smaller than you want

How to get a bigger hips : When you have bigger, good-shaped hips your pair of trousers looks best and suits you best and attracts the type of attention that you have always wanted. If you think your hips are smaller than you want, you would always be looking forward to different ways to get the right shape. All you need to do to get the right shape and size is adjusting your weight a little, doing some good exercises and wearing the right pants. Doing this can definitely help you to get an increased butt size. You may follow these steps to get bigger butts.

1.    how to get a bigger hips – The first and foremost think you need to do is change your walk and it signifies how you carry yourself.  It obscures and highlights all parts your body and give you a smarter look. Throwing back your shoulders and arching the lower back of your body can be very effective. Apart from making your hips looking prominent, it also makes your torsos look slimmer to an extent and also makes your bust area look larger. You have to keep noticing the walk of the runway models. You can practice it at home by imagining a straight line that is running on the floor ahead of you and its location is just below your belly button, in the middle of your two feet. When you start taking each step, you will have to move your foot towards the centre of your body and then put it down on this unreal line. You can then put your another foot on that imaginary line, that is just in front of your first foot. Then practice by walking in just the same way, one foot to be placing in front of the other and clenching your glutes. To get a more glamorous look you should also learn the walk of a diva.

2.    You will also have to work on your butt muscles. You can get a much larger and rounder shape by giving strength to the muscles in it known as the glutes. You will have to do the following exercises to get a better shape and size. For better and quick results, you need to do this at least 3 times in a week.

Lunges: firstly you will have to stand straight in such a position that has your shoulder wide apart from your feet. Your back leg should be kept straight and then to lunge you will have to bend your front leg. After completing this first round, you should return back to the initial position and repeat the procedure once again with the alternate leg. At a go, you should be able to complete 3 sets of 20 lunges.

Squats: this is the best exercise for increasing the size of your hips. When doing this exercise, your initial position should be standing straight with your feet about shoulder at a difference of good width and you should extend your arms in front of you. then you should bend down your knees to an angle of 90 degrees keeping your back straight then slowly coming back to the initial position. You should atleast do 3 sets for 20 times.

Kick backs: you will have to stand on one leg. The leg should be free from the ground then you will have to kick it right back till the time your hips squeezes into a bubble. You can do the same thing 10 times and start with the alternative leg. To add some resistance to it, all you can do is make use of ankle weights.

Butt bridges: you will have to lie down on the ground with your knees bent and arms at each side. You should then lift your butt upwards towards the ceiling and then slightly lower it down. You should do at least do 3 sets while repeating it 10 times.

3.    You can work on your core that can give a better shape to your belly and makes it look small and tight in comparison to your butts. You can exercise your core for a minimum of 3 times in a week for good results and then begin with the following exercises:

•    Twist crunches: for this exercise, you will have to lie on your back and then bend your knees. Then place your hand at the back of your head and keep your elbows a little bent. Start lifting your shoulder above the ground and start twisting it in the opposite direction. For example, when you lift up your one right shoulder, then you should twist your body towards the left direction. Then you should repeat this with the other shoulder. You will have to do it for 10 times on each side.

•    Leg lifts: these lifts are also known as raises. As the name tells, it focuses on the legs but it not only does that. It also helps to work on your abs. you have to lay down on the ground and stretch your legs in front of you. you will have to bend your legs and raise them to a level higher and then keep your toes pointed. Then keep your legs straight so as they are pointed towards the ceiling. Then slightly lower down your legs for about 1 inch off the floor. You will have to do this 5 times and take some rest for about 30 seconds

4.     Another thing you can do is getting involved into sports that can help you to build your buttock muscles and leg muscles. For some, sports can also be a hobby that can be enjoyed and also help you in enhancing your rear. Some sports that can help you are cheerleading, field hockey, soccer, volley ball, skiing, gymnastics, swimming, cycling and running.

5.    It doesn’t really matter if you are gaining or losing some weight to give a better shape to your hips. It entirely depends upon your own body type that is controlled by genetics. If you are gaining weight then it definitely affects your butt fat. For that you should know how to gain weight. If the increment in fat is affecting your stomach, back or arms then you can try losing some weight so that your butt gets a better shape. For this as well you should also know how to lose weight. This applies especially when you have more fat on your waist line. When you have a smaller waist, your hips ultimately begins to look bigger even if you do not do anything and for this again you should know the right way to lose belly fat.

6.    A part form the exercises, diets, sports and every possible workout, it is a time for you to choose the right pants. The pair of good trousers can give a transformed look to your butts while making it look more perky and round. You will have to consider a few tips that can help you to buy the right pair of it.

•    Choosing the tight fitted pair of jeans and not the baggy ones that drown the complete curvy look will be a nice option. The ideal pair to show off your butts would be a pair of jeggings or skinny jeans. If you are particular about comfort then you try out regular or boot cut jeans that have fitted rear.

•    The next thing you will have to consider is the placement of the pocket. High back pockets or smaller ones can make your hips look bigger. Some additional elements on the pocket like colored threads, stitching or sequins can draw everybody else’s eyes and attention to your butt area. If you are particular about your butt area then you should definitely avoid jeans with no pockets or big pockets.

•    If you have smaller butts then go for high waist jeans. The slimmest part of your waist should be covered with the top of your pants as it makes it look smaller and your butt begins to look larger.

•    You can go for low-rise. Jeans that focuses at the widest part of your busts. You can have a combination of this with a well fitted shirt that gives an illusion of the rears looking larger.

•    The dark wash jeans make your rear and legs look smaller. This is especially when you wear a top of light color. In place of dark ones you can try light blue, pastel or white jeans. High heels can do the work of changing the real curve of your spine and that result in both your boobs and butt to protrude more. if you are really not ready to accept this to do this at a party you can always try to get a demo of this by standing in front of the mirror up on your tiptoes. You can take a few steps as it will help you to know how the walk exaggerates the rear and legs a bit more.

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Preview of the ROunderbum Men’s Butt-Enhancing Padded Boxer Brief

ROunderbum Men’s Butt-Enhancing Padded Boxer Brief preview

Men's Butt-Enhancing Padded Boxer Brief has been a growing trend of men who want to your sexy butt

There has been a growing trend of men who want to take care and be mindful of their appearance. As a result of this, outfit and accessories industries and companies that product men’s products have vowed to produce and deliver products that meet the requirements of such men. One popular product that has taken the world by storm is the ROunderbum Men’s Butt-Enhancing Padded Boxer Brief. The Rounderbum, as it is popularly identified, is meant for men who want to look athletic and attractive. It is a body enhancing underwear.

In most cases, when a new product is released into the market, it may take time for it to capture the attention of many, but with this body enhancer, that is not the case. A person who uses it sells it because it is noticeable and the results that it brings make it a ROunderbum product. My explanation may look unbelievable but I will probe it by asking you to read the customer reviews that have been posted by those who have used it.

Features and Specifications

The product feature the most appealing aspects that every person would love to have in any product that he buys. In addition, on reading and confirming the product’s features, any lady will easily recommend it to his man – it makes a perfect Valentines Day gift for your lovely man. The following are the first-line specifications of the underwear.

1. It is made of 93% cotton and 7% Elastane

A keen observer has something to learn from the materials that have been used to produce it. For those who may not understand what it takes to have a cloth made from cotton and elastane, here are a few hints to jog your mind. First of all, cotton is a durable product that is normally used in the production of different classy outfits. It is also easy to maintain and above all, clothes made from this component is affordable by all. In that case, it is used in the production of cost effective products and this underwear is a testimony to that. On the other hand, elastane, as the name suggests ensures that the rounderbum is elastic such that it can fit the body of any wearer. As a result, a person need not worry about getting a product that does not fit his body since the elastane that is used in making it makes it usable by everyone.

2. It comes with butt enhancing padding at its back

This is one of the main features that have made this product a fast-seller in the market. The butt enhancers improve the appearance of a man. It is recommended for anyone who wants to look smart in his trousers. The butt enhancers are soft and comfortable. Another feature that is worth noting about the padding is that they are removable. Therefore, it guarantees freedom for those who may not want to use the pads.

3. It molds to any body shape

Every man, regardless of his body shape can use this product. It has been made in such a way that it can fit to any body shape.

4. It is machine-washed

Maintaining the ROunderbum Men’s Butt-Enhancing Padded Boxer Brief is easy. It manufacturer recommends machine washing. As such, a person should not worry about how to maintain it as experts understand how to handle it. All a person needs to do is to identify the best service provider if the best results should be realized.

These are just but a few of the many amazing features of the ROunderbum. There are several other features that a person will identify on buying and using it.

Pros of the Rounderbum Men’s Butt-Enhancing Padded Boxer Brief

There are several advantages that accrue to a person who uses the boxer brief. Some of the advantages include:

1) It restores confidence in its users

Many people feel embarrassed about their small butts. If you are one of those individuals, the Rounderbum holds the future for you as it will enable you to have a natural looking-butt. Yes! With this product, you will have a natural looking butt and no one will suspect it. It is a product that you have been waiting for so that you can upgrade your appearance. The rounderbum also enables its users to look good in their clothes. For instance, if you have been avoiding suits simply because you don’t look good in them, this butt enhancer will convert you into a regular-suit shipper.

2) It is comfortable

Some individuals do not feel comfortable when they wear normal underwear. The reason is obvious – most under wears have not been produced with the user in mind. That is to say, the producers hardly consider the needs of their users. Therefore, they go ahead to produce a lot of carelessly produced items that will allow them earn huge profits at the expense of the users’ comfort. For the case of the Rounderbum, nothing has been taken for granted as it has been produced with a focus of restoring comfort on the users. This fact has been confirmed by those who have used it. Buy it today and you will also confirm that.

3) It is durable

The ROunderbum Men’s Butt-Enhancing Padded Boxer is a long lasting product. Provided that the owner adheres to the manufacturer’s instructions on how to maintain it, a user will be sure to obtain long service from it.

Any Disadvantage Of using this product?

This is a great product for great men. It has received approvals from many men. However, some users are opposed to it. Some people have given the following arguments against it;

I. It’s too tight

This underwear can be tight to some people especially those who buy the wrong-sized underwear. The fact that it stretches does not mean any size can fit anyone. In that case, buyers should be sure to purchase the correct sizes.


The ROunderbum Men’s Butt-Enhancing Padded Boxer Brief is an award-winning product that has come in the right time. It has been endorsed by men as a must-have product for those who are mindful of their physical appearance.

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All about Brazillian butt lift surgery

What is Brazillian butt lift surgery?

people might consider a Brazillian butt lift surgery to get that perfect figure

Some are blessed with a great body while others are not. But now you have the facility of getting a great body via safe surgical methods. Among many surgical methods that are used for figure correction Brazillian butt lift surgery is one. This is a surgical procedure to get bigger, firmer and perkier buttocks. This is a type of butt augmentation which will effectively give you more prominent buttocks in a matter of hours. This is a very popular type of surgery that is completely safe. A lot of women all across the world have gone through this butt augmentation procedure to get their desired body.

This surgery is so popular because the process is completely natural. Unlike other surgical procedures that are done for figure enhancement this Brazilian butt surgery doesn’t use any foreign implants. The fat that is used to make the buttocks appear bigger is taken from the body of the candidate who is being operated. Therefore the fat cells that are implanted in the buttock are natural and derived from the same person.

Since the fat cells that are used in this surgery are taken from the body of the same person the final effect is much moiré natural. In other surgical methods implants are used that make the butt appear bigger and fuller. However, the final look of such operative solutions is generally artificial. However, when your own body fat it implanted in the buttock region you will get a natural contour.

Therefore, if you are looking for a butt enhancement surgery then you should go for the Brazilian butt lift procedure. Just like every other operation there are some pre and post operative cares that has to be taken by the person who is getting operated. If you take care of yourself then you will have great buttocks that will change your entire appearance.

Who is the right candidate for this surgery?

If you think that you could get a great buttock by just making some dietary changes and incorporating some exercises then you should go for that first. If you see that all your efforts have been futile then you could go for this surgery. This is a completely safe procedure that has been tried and tested by many. There are two factors that will help you to identify if you are the right candidate for this surgery. The first criterion is to ensure that you do require a butt enhancement and the second criteria is to ensure that you have the physical fitness to go through the surgical procedure.

Who needs a butt enhancement surgery?

Here is a look at a few conditions when you should consider a Brazilian butt lift procedure.

•    There are a lot of people who are born with flat buttocks. Such people find it very difficult to wear clothes of their choice and look desirable. It is difficult for them to even wear something as simple as a swim suit. This condition affects their self confidence a lot. If you have a flat bottom that is making it difficult for you to wear clothes of your choice and look the way you want to then you should consider a Brazilian butt lift procedure. This will help you to get your desired figure within a very short time.

•    Because of age or weight issues there are many people who have sagging buttocks. This is a common condition that could occur in people who have either gained a lot of weight or lost a lot of weight in quick time. Sagging buttocks are not at all good to look at and they do not complement any kind of figure. Therefore, people with sagging buttocks could consider this surgical procedure.

•    There are many men and women who need to have a perfect figure because of their profession. Models and film personalities need a great figure that will help them fit into any role. These people might consider a Brazillian butt lift surgery to get that perfect figure.

•    Because of some medical condition or weight issue some people have buttocks that are not shaped properly. When the butt of a person is not perfectly round and doesn’t have the right contour then he or she could consider this surgery.

Who is physically capable of having this surgery?

Here are a few factors that are required to be suitable for this surgery.

There are many surgeries that will require you to be in perfect shape without any extra pounds on you however, this surgery will need you to have a few pounds extra so that you could spare the fat for your buttock. This produce involves extracting fat from any part of your body where you have extra fat cells, and implanting them in the buttock region with the help of injections. Therefore, a suitable candidate should have a few extra fat cells. Generally 6 to 8 pounds of fat is removed from the body of a person so that at least 1 to 2 pounds of that could be re injected inside the buttock.

Though the person has to be a few pounds overweight, he or she should be fit to endure the process. If you have any medical conditions that restrict you from going through the operative procedure then you will not be able to go through with it. Therefore, before the doctors consider you for a surgery they will conduct a thorough checkup to see that you are fit for the surgery. Any medical history or special condition should be mentioned to the doctors.

Finally, you should have the time to spare after the surgery that will help you to heal. If you have a very busy schedule then you must take a break for at least a month so that you could heal from the surgery.

All these factors will make you the perfect candidate for Brazilian butt lift procedure.

What is the procedure of this surgery?

The Brazilian butt lift procedure is a surgical method to get perky and fuller buttocks. The reason why this is such a popular method is because it is completely safe. Fat cells are injected in the buttock region of a person so that he or she gets more prominent butts. The fat cells that are injected in the buttock of a person are taken from the same person’s body. If the surgery is done by a specialist and the method is perfect then it could be a permanent solution.

The first step is to extract the fat cells from the body of the person. Another reason why you might consider this process is because it not only gives you a great butt but it also helps you to get rid of the unwanted fat from other parts of your body. The fat cells are extracted from various parts of the body that have excess fat. This is done by performing liposuction on the areas that have more fat.

The second step is to purify the fat that is being extracted from the body. Not all the fat that is collected from the body is injected inside the buttock region. There are many process of purification that the fat has to go through so that it could be refines for reinjection. After draining 6 to 8 pounds of fat only 1 to 2 pounds of fats could be injected in the buttock.

The final step is to inject the fat that has been purified into the buttock region. Special injections are used that have cannulas. A lot of micro fat injections are used to infuse the fat cells into the buttock. Generally the upper part of the buttock is injected with this fat so that the person gets a firm and perky butt. The fat is also injected in different layers of the buttock so that it spreads more uniformly and gives a natural effect.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this surgery?

The advantages

Here are the advantages of getting a Brazillian butt lift surgery.

•    You will get the desired butt shape and size with the help of this surgery.

•    The process is completely natural and safe because the fat that is used belongs to the same person who is getting operated.

•    It doesn’t take a lot of time to get through the whole process of surgery and recovery. 2 to 4 weeks after the surgery will see you in perfect working condition.

•    Unlike other implants the body doesn’t reject the fat cells that are injected because it belongs to the same body.

•    There is very little chance of any infection.

•    The final look that you get after the surgery is completely natural.

The disadvantages

There are not many disadvantages of getting this surgery done still here are a few;

•    There is a particular post operative care procedure that you will have to follow for perfect healing.

•    The cost of the surgery could be a little high because it ranges anywhere between $3000 and $14000 approximately. The cost depends on many factors.

•    Finally, you might have to go for repeat procedures depending on how well your body accepts the fat.

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Women’s special bottom lifter panty

What is women special bottom lifter panty?

bottom lifter panties its for sexy bomb

Bottom lifter panties are type of inner wears that helped me to lift up or tighten the loose skin near my butts. It not only worked on my butts but also shaped my waist and thighs giving a perfect body shape. The women’s special bottom lifter panty is well designed for shaping the woman’s butts and making them comfortable enough to wear single piece for different occasions. Bottom lifter panties lifts up the bottom to a proper shape.

How well these women special bottom lifters work?

Women’s special bottom lifter panty works well on any shape as its key feature is to take the shape of my body and adjust the extra bulky skin of my butts. The panties are good for shaping round and revamp butt into a perfect perky shape.

What material is the bottom lifter panty made of?

The bottom lifter pants are made of lightweight fabric that has the capacity to give a proper lift to my body. However, it has a light texture but still holds good image in customers’ eyes because of its feature to hide flaws from my bottom.The women’s special bottom lifter panty focuses on the tightness of bulgy legs and fit from your belly area without causing suffocation and uneasiness in wearing the panty.

What all remarkable results I got by wearing special bottom lifter panty?
•    Trimmed flat tummy
•    Relief from bulgy thighs
•    Properly shaped hip
•    Rounded rear
•    An extra bulge from waist is covered.

Features of women’s special bottom lifter panty
•    Open bottom lifter shaping panty that helps in free flow or air and gives a tremendous shape.
•    Shapes the body into proper perky shape from waist to the mid thigh
•    Zoned compression
•    Bottom lifter panty is woven in waistbands and legs to avoid itching and irritation.

Though the product is wonderful but there are few things a product lacks but that is ok every product comes with minor flaws and it can be neglected.
Some concern of customers

The customers reported one of the problems was that these panties are too long and wearing shorts becomes difficult. They are visible and that does not look good, so if it could be possible that the length is reduced a little that shorts can be worn. The other reason was that some of these panties do fit but when removed they caused scratches and formation of red lines near waist thighs and butts but that is normal because you can go for a big size and woven panties to avoid the formation of line. Rest of the services is good and you get the product within few days of order.

The best brands for women special bottom lifters

Sakkas and cocoon are the two famous brands known for manufacturing special bottom lifter panty around the world but the Sakkas is the most preferable brand for the bottom lifters because the Sakkas are well known to provide a proper body shape to woman’s lower portion of the body specially the butts, loosened skin of thighs, and waist.

Customer’s positive review

After using the bottom lifter panty most of the customers were happy as it gave shape to their body especially the bulgy thighs,waist.

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